Thursday, April 16, 2009

SharePoint Governance

We just had another great Kentucky SharePoint User Group meeting (KYSPUG) tonight.  Rob Bogue came all the way down from Indianapolis and spoke to the group about the topic of governance.  He did a wonderful job sharing with the group what governance is all about and how to get starting putting a plan in place so the business has a process to follow when it comes to SharePoint.  Here are some take-a-ways:

Quotas are a good thing.  A quota is a “governor” of sorts that can be set on SharePoint site collections which limits the overall content size.  Setting them relatively low helps keeps SLAs in-check because there are limits within SharePoint that can cause problems when exceeded.  For instance, you shouldn’t go beyond 100GB for a site collection’s size.  the size of the database becomes too unwieldy at that point when it comes to disaster/recovery scenarios, or even simple backup/restore scenarios for that matter.

In general governance is about the process, not so much a document.  However, when writing a document be very clear on what you mean.  Keep it concise.  Write just enough information and don’t fall into the trap of adding too much garbage that’s not really relevant. 

Getting “setup” properly, before you begin, is key.  If you don’t plan for things like training, you end up being in a reactionary state when you go to implement your governance plan/process.  Training is key, but often overlooked.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money however.  There are numerous reference materials online and plenty of books available.

Much thanks for Rob coming down to visit our group.

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