Saturday, March 21, 2009

Online Color Scheme Tool

If you have anything to do with user experience development, you often have to deal with colors.  For those of us programmers, it’s not something that comes naturally.  It seems more of an art than a science.  Actually, there’s quite a bit of science to it.  The human eye is attracted to color schemes that are based on mathematical formulas.  Some colors complement others better.  There are also a variety of tools that help you choose colors that “relate” to your main color choice.  I’ve used this approach on several projects and it’s worked quite well.

Here’s a very good tool from Petr Stanicek that allows you to choose a color and then look at different themes based on that color.  You can also download a dynamically generated CSS of your color choices.  A very cool application.  Kudos for Petr’s work and I urge you to donate so he can keep up this good work.

image_2_522C7B06.png (514×341)

Oh yeah, there’s no install.  It’s all through your browser: